Here is what our customers have to say about us:

"I have been using the GliderThrow for a while now and the results are impressive. It is simple to use.
Dan B., Santa Ana, CA

"GliderCG is a technical wonder. It provides measurements of my model's CG to a fraction of a millimeter! So much more precise than the ol' finger-tip technique that I've used for over 60 years. How did I get along without it???
Tom W., Iuka, MS

Love my GliderCG F3k! So accurate and easy to use without any guess work. I like it so much I came back for the GliderCG Standard and Glider Throws. Thank you Joe for your outstanding customer service!"
Scott H., Medford, OR

"I have almost finished building a 5 meter scale Diana 2 and decided it is worth spending the money on the GliderCG Scale unit to ensure that I get the CG correct - I have too much time and money invested in the glider to crash it because the CG is off a little. As I have seen, with my other gliders, just how important it is to get the CG just right. I have one that I really struggled to fly until I used the GliderCG, now it is one of my favorites."
David B., Pittsboro, NC

"I have recently transitioned to F5K and smaller gliders and my standard CG scale was just too wide to accommodate the narrower wing cords of F5K glider. This GliderGC scale is perfect for these smaller gliders. I also really appreciate the rechargeable built in battery, the bright readable screen. "
John H., Peyton, CO

"My Glider CG machine works like a champ. I use it on my F5J competition gliders to fine tune the CG for the best in-flight thermal indication performance."
Larry A., Forestell, MO

"The GliderCG scale is fantastic! Easy to use and sure more accurate than the manual one. Glad I purchased the product. Thanks, Joe!"
Mark K., Westlake Village, CA

"I’ve used GliderCG scales for all my gliders, ranging from 235 gram DLGs to 26# 1:3 Scale glider. I have two scales and two sets of the digital throw meters that have enabled me to precision tune & balance all of my planes. The customer service is exemplary and I highly recommend these devices to anyone interested in getting the most performance out of their models as possible."
Steve L., Fremont, CA

"If you are serious about flying a properly setup glider, this CG scale is a must have. Previously I used the finger method, and a home made jig. Both of those methods were not accurate and awkward. With the CG scale I know my precise CG and weight in a matter of seconds. My gliders are now flying much better."
Tom C., Marietta, GA

"The GliderCG is a great piece of equipment. Now using on everything!!! Buy with confidence!"
James T., Folsom, CA

"I would like to thank all the good people at GliderCG and GliderCG USA for helping me with a recent problem. I dropped my scale and broke some parts. I contacted GliderCG and they respond quickly. They were able to replace the parts and even sent me pictures with instructions to make the repair - all at no charge! Great service from a great company. Thank You!"
Brad J., Surprise, AZ

"My GliderCG scale is really nice - it is simple to use and very accurate. Now that I own one, I use it a lot more than I expected. Thanks for a great product!"
Art C., Thousand Oaks, CA

"Have balanced my 4# gliders (Explorer) with a lightweight balance tool – to the mm.  New glider is 14# so the normal balancer was way too lightweight.  So I did some checking and it appeared that people made what’s called a ‘Vanessa Rig’ – a piece of wood, dowel, and two loops of line, one around each wing root.  Plumb bob attached to the dowel, get the plane level and wherever the plumb bob points is your CG.  Did that with the new plane, maidened it and the CG was WAY too far aft.  As the saying goes, a nose heavy plane fly’s but not well, a tail heavy plane fly’s once.  That was accurate!  Purchased the GliderCG machine and it worked very well – to the tenth of a mm if you want.  Very pricey but it’s accurate.”
Rick S., Reno, NV

"Terrific products and incredible customer service. Highly recommend!"
Jon H., Kaneohe, HI

"Really easy to use. Gives CG and weight of the model instantly”
Dave H., Honolulu, HI

“I bought the DLG version of the GliderCG. This has allowed me to fine tune in a way never before possible the flight characteristics of my gliders. Well made and easy to use. Highly recommended.”
James D., North Vancouver, BC

“I am using the GliderCG Scale, the largest, on my 1/5 scale RC airplanes. It is great to set the CG and get the airplanes weight.”
Bill D., Kailua, HI

"Customer service was great. Scale shipped and arrived in 3 days by USPS. Scale works great! My CG was off on a couple of my sailplanes. Now that they are fixed I can't wait to fly them. Scale is simple to use and understand. The Wi-fi feature is great to keep track of all your gliders CGs. All you do is put your sailplanes name and where it should CG at, then next time click on your model and the CG is there."
Ed H., Visalia, CA

"The GliderCG is a valuable tool that exceeds my expectations. Joe has been great to work with, and has answered or got the answers I had in a very timely manner. Highly recommend his products. "
Justin R., Phoenix, AZ

"Scale nice - Andy like"
Andy T., Thousand Oaks, CA

"Great products and support. Best customer service bar none!"
Jack L., Chicago, IL

"I thought I had set the CG’s of my gliders accurately. But, was still having issues with stability, particularly the 3.4M Silent. I read reports about the GliderCG and decided to get one. The GliderCG allows me to get accurate weights and CG’s. It is amazing how just a few mm’s affects the flying characteristics of these high performance gliders. "
David B., Pittsboro, NC

"It is a really neat device."
James D., Vancouver, BC

"Works great, easy to use! Very nicely designed, and clean aesthetically. I like that the posts fold down to save space while storing. The customer service was great, helping me select the appropriate scale for my range of models, and shipping it out quickly. "
Eric I, Park City UT

"The GliderCG Scale Mini was direct shipped from the manufacturer in Spain.  It was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition.  The arm on the Scale Mini fold down for easy storage and have nice keeper brackets to keep the arm upright when raised.  The Wifi interface works well but does take a few seconds to connect sometimes.  The lateral balance feature is a nice addition.  Overall, a great product."
Jim G., Portland, OR

“I am really happy with my CG scale and now use it for all my rc models. It’s very accurate and the CG scale also gives total weight.  Fast shipping and really quick communication from the company”
Richard A., Smartsville, CA

"I'm truly impressed by its stability; there are absolutely no wobbles, and the readings are impressively consistent, showing less than 1mm in CG variations. I want to thank you for the exceptional customer service. It's been a pleasure dealing with your team. I will recommend your scale to my friends who are in the market for one."
Peter P., Millburn, NJ

"Valuable and convenient center of gravity and surface deflection measurement tools. Very helpful for setup of my F3L and F5J gliders. Friendly and responsive service and support."
Mike S., Woodside, CA

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